Learn It's FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by Learn It users!

Q: Is Learn It completely Free?

Yes, Learn It was, is and will remain free forever. It's purpose is to serve and teach those who cannot afford/cannot go to any institution to Learn.

Q: Do Learn It courses get updated or they just become outdated overtime?

The courses at Learn It get regular updates. You can see small updates being added in current courses. In case a major update happens in the revelant software, a new course is created so users with previous version can continue to learn the previous version.

Q: Learn It has an office or not?

Not Yet, when an office becomes a need, we will not hesitate.

Q: Can i teach something at Learn It?

Sure you can. All the tutors are the people with incredeble skills. They put their time and effort in Learn It. Even the staff is choosen from the tutors, those who have professional attitude and mangement skills can do a lot with Learn It. So, put your best foot forward and apply for tutor Here

Q: Can i earn if i become a tutor at Learn It?

Sure Thing! Tutors are paid an undisclosed amount for creating & completing a course. This amount is discussed with a tutor once he has been selected to perform his duties.

Q: My question was not answered here, what should i do?

You can use our contact form. Due to the amount of messages we receive everyday, you might have to wait a bit for reply.